Whats It Like Being You? – Book Review

What Does Being You Feel Like? John Roger and Paul Kaye co-wrote the book “Living Life as Your True Self,” which was co-authored by them. They are both well-respected teachers, authors, and presenters in the self-help and spirituality categories.

Packed with comments that readers can employ in their own lives to improve their attitude towards themselves, this 184-page non-fiction book has endless value. By doing this, we may have a better understanding of our mission in life, boost our energy levels, and maintain a good attitude at all times.

The wide inner flaps on the thick, sturdy cover are well-suited as bookmarks. The writers have supplied us with an inspirational meditation CD of just over 45 minutes in length to help people find calm.

While listening to the entirety of What’s It Like Being You?, I connected with several aspects of it. While it is true that the authors had read my book of poetry (Towards Understanding), they also produced a kind of literary translation for me. I was able to look at the experience from a new perspective and this made me feel more secure.

I certainly found this book to be useful in learning how to filter out the noise and worry of the world while appreciating and focusing on the things that happen each instant of the day.

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