One of the most perilous moments in American history will be the transition from Donald J. Trump to Joseph R. Biden Jr. as president. There was more to it than a domestic political crisis, as No. 1 globally bestselling author Bob Woodward and distinguished reporter Robert Costa disclose for the first time.

During their research, Woodward and Costa spoke with over 200 people who were at the epicenter of the unrest, producing over 6,000 pages of transcripts – and a compelling and authoritative image of a society on the verge of collapse.

Readers will get an intimate look into the Trump and Biden administrations, the 2020 presidential campaign, the Pentagon, and Congress as told by people who were there when it occurred.

There’s never-before-seen information from classified orders, sensitive phone calls, diaries, emails, and other personal and official data sprinkled throughout Peril, making for a historically rich read.

An inside look at Biden’s presidency as he deals with the most difficult challenges of his life, including a deadly pandemic and millions of Americans who are suffering from soul-crushing economic hardship, all while navigating a bitter and crippling political divide, a world full of threats, and his own dark shadow as president-elect When it came to his inauguration, Vice President Joe Biden said, ‘We have much to accomplish in this winter of risk.’

The occasion was highlighted by a tense security alert and the possibility of homegrown terrorism. Combined with Fear and Rage, Bob Woodward’s reporting on the Trump presidency culminates in Peril, an astonishing tale of the end of one presidency and the beginning of another. For Woodward and colleague Washington Post reporter Robert Costa, it’s the start of cooperation that will bring to mind their work covering the closing days of former President Richard M. Nixon with Carl Bernstein.

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