I Alone Can Fix It: Donald J. Trump’s Catastrophic Final Year

There has never been a complete account of what happened in Donald Trump’s White House during the catastrophic year of 2020. Over half a million Americans died because the government failed to contain the coronavirus.

What was really going on around the president at the time? In the wake of his refusal to acknowledge an election he clearly lost and his propagation of lies about electoral fraud, who was in control of Trump? Phil Rucker and Carol Leonnig delve deep into the inner workings of a broken and inept presidency to provide answers to these burning concerns.

Rucker and Leonnig present a forensic analysis of the most disastrous year of a presidency like no other by focusing on Trump and the main people surrounding him—the doctors, generals, senior aides, and Trump family members.

Their sources were in the room as Trump repeatedly put his own interests ahead of the country. These eyewitnesses tell the account of his desire to send the military into the streets of American cities to put down the protest movement following the death of George Floyd, all in order to boost his public image of strength before the election.

His failure to take the coronavirus threat seriously—even to the point of enabling others around him to be infected—was witnessed by these insiders personally. With an eye on how Trump’s supporters breached the most sacred halls of American democracy on January 6, this is the story of how the country was sabotaged economically, medically, and politically by its own leader, and how the president reacted.

The book culminates in a minute-by-minute account of what happened in the Capitol building on that day. As he tried to hang on to power, Trump was enabled—and foiled—by those with access Rucker and Leonnig do not have. They explain and expose exactly who enabled Trump and who foiled him.

This book is destined to be read and analyzed by people and historians for decades to come as a classic and heart-racing work of investigative reporting.

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