A Promised Land

In the memoir of his presidency, President Obama describes the difficulty he encountered on his way to the White House.

In this autobiographical account, Obama describes his carefree upbringing, which included shooting hoops and “getting loaded,” as well as his early reading of tough writers, all of which are intended to impress his high school peers. (Although his method for picking up ladies consisted mostly of pretending to be an academic, he is forced to admit.) Eventually, though, his earnestness arrived, and with it, the belief that America could fulfill its proclaimed ambitions. Obama’s original ambition was not tempered by a stint in the Illinois state senate, nor was his tenure in the U.S. Senate long enough to restrict his early political involvement.

President Obama built out a route to the presidency, one vote at a time, and one speech at a time. By nature, I’m a thoughtful speaker, which helped keep my gaffe quotient pretty low, according to my own standards as a presidential candidate.

The author is unashamed about discussing the numerous challenges on the racecourse: not just race and racism but also the arrival, as a “powerful disruptor” named Sarah Palin, of a political philosophy predicated on “know-nothingism” that will eventually emerge in a stubborn, ideologically driven Republican legislature. Further, in this book, Donald Trump has been brought up to talk about his foolish “birther” campaign, which occurred concurrently with his attempts to contract for the construction of a gorgeous ballroom on the White House grounds. Obama admits that he might not have been ideologically consistent enough, especially when facing Mitch McConnell, who was focused on regaining political power.

A wide scene-setting is provided for the political environment, which is sure to be expanded upon in the following volume.

A completely entertaining and in-depth political memoir, suitable for all readers.

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